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Premier Motivational Speaker | Inspirational Speaker | Keynote Speaker | Master of Ceremonies | Auctioneer


Over the last 30 years, hundreds of organizations have entrusted William “Bubba” Paris with the responsibility of being their Keynote Speaker.

He has a natural passion for people and the unique ability to connect with an audience one-on-one. He is able to inspire people from all walks of life. This ability transcends culture, race, gender, and economic backgrounds.

He does his homework and is well prepared.  He customizes his presentation to meet the specific needs and objectives of each organization. He allows the spirit of the audience to shape and influence his presentation. So, each audience leaves feeling as though the message was designed for them personally.

He understands the need to be entertaining. He combines humor, charisma, an understanding of his material and spiritual insight, to leave a life changing impact on his audience.


Choosing your Master or Mistress of Ceremonies is one of the most critical decisions in the planning of your event. You will give complete control of your event to this person. They set the mood and the pace. He or she will prepare the audience to receive your program. The wrong person in this position can be disastrous.

 What better person to give control of your event than a professional with timing and wit?

  • One who’s a poet, a comedian and an ordained minister?
  • One who has the ability to plug any hole that may unexpectedly occur in your program?
  • One who can be your speaker if your speaker’s airplane gets stormed in?
  • One who can do your auction if your auctioneer comes down with laryngitis?
  • One who can reset the mood of your event if it gets off track?
  • One who can keep the attention of your audience with more than ten years of professional football stories and anecdotes?

William “Bubba” Paris is simply the best insurance policy that your program could ever have!


William “Bubba” Paris believes that everyone is born with a purpose and mission in life. There are no mistakes at birth! You can do anything if you first believe.  He will inspire you to see and believe that you are equipped with everything you need to meet the challenges of the moment.

He has the ability to see the good in all. With his magnetic personality and presence, he motivates you from the inside out.

This is the mindset that he brings to a workshop. He helps a person discover who they really are. He motivates you to seek to change the world and not let the world change you. He will challenge you to take control of your actions, understanding that your actions, not your words, create your realities.

So allow William Bubba Paris to customize a workshop or seminars for you.


William “Bubba” Paris brings life, fun and entertainment to an auction. He uses his gift as a motivator, his calling as a minister and his humorous style to create an atmosphere for giving and/or bidding.  He will add to your event. Your guest will leave with a greater sense of connectedness to your cause.

You get more when you get Bubba Paris as your auctioneer.

  • You get a three time Super Bowl Champion and that factor alone can help draw more people to your event.
  • He can also bring sports memorabilia items to your auction
  • You get a motivational speaker who can influence a bidder to bid more.
  • You get a very funny person who can make your auction fun.


William “Bubba” Paris is more than just a celebrity. He is a warm man who cares. He gives part of himself to everyone that he meets. He is approachable, down to earth, and has a special way with people. This makes him a great choice for your promotional appearance.

If you have ever been to an event with a celebrity appearing, you may have noticed an “Us and Them” attitude such as “I’m the celebrity and you’re “Joe Public,” so take what I give you! You may be Joe Public, and Bubba Paris may be your celebrity, but if you take what he gives you, it’s all that he has!

If you decide to use Bubba Paris he will make your event more successful. He is a professional, with a marketing background and understands what his participation means to the success of your event.   He doesn’t just appear, he tries to enhance the quality of your event.

One reason that you may choose not to use Bubba Paris is that he’s so funny. He brings good-natured humor to every event. Imagine trying to play golf or tennis and “Bubba” is there. He has so much personality that serious people may find themselves laughing too much! For this he apologizes in advance.

He’s had a strong media presence. He’s hosted weekly TV and radio shows. He’s been an analyst for ESPN2, CBS, and ABC covering NFL Football. He’s even more popular than ever.

Do you know what else you get with Bubba Paris? A “REAL” football player. He is 6’7” 300 plus pounds and good looking. His presence fills a room. Not like one of those little Joe Montana types.  (Smile)

He’s a person that has overcome a lot of adversity to accomplish what he has. He did it with grace and style. And that’s why he is very well received by the public. He is a good role model.

So what better person to promote your event than William “Bubba” Paris?